I had a lot of heart break towards the end of last year and it has certainly been hard to deal with. I have had to question so much and now I'm looking forward to a year full of growth and understanding.

My word for 2014 was 'better', I don't know how much of that I achieved but regardless I will continue to strive, to learn and to work hard. 

I thought a lot about what I want to focus on this year but I struggled to come up with one word to encapsulate it all... until I realised it's all about more.

Not more actual stuff obviously but more of what's important and more 'me'.

Throughout my quilting journey I have struggled with my style but more recently I feel comfortable with trusting my taste and just creating what I love. I would like more of that.

Along with more creativity I also need to concentrate on spending my time doing things I love, with love and that will provide happiness to me and my family.

I tend to be selfish, I guess we all do occasionally, but my happiest times recently have been when I've just let go and stopped worrying about what needs to be done and really enjoyed the time I have with my children. When we've been being silly, or reading together or colouring or whatever and I'm truly in the moment it really does make all the chores I have to do that much easier. Having time with them and fully allowing myself to be present allows us all to be happier and more connected.

I would like to spend this year loving more. Myself, my family, my friends. Taking time to connect and enjoy these relationships; when they are nurtured my spirits are lifted.

I'm hoping if I can create more happiness in my life it will come through in my sewing and I can be productive. I don't want to push myself this year though. I would like a year of enjoying more, loving more, and doing things with clear intentions.

Happy 2015 everyone!