I cannot tell you how very important the word of the year has been for me. Especially this past year. My word for 2018 was 'centre' and I did a good job of staying centred, to pay attention to what was affecting me and focusing on the core of what I wanted to achieve.

This year is really one of new beginnings, lifestyle changes and even more attention on that determination to make each day my own. I set my intentions for the year, this year it seems to be smaller and simple ideas that have taken priority. The little ways I can enjoy my time, which we all know can make a big difference.

Being present is going to play a big part in achieving this, not getting absorbed in social media too much and trying to make the most of each day. That doesn't mean the endless to do lists (which I constantly have) but finding a small amount of time for the things that bring me joy. For me that's mostly silence, reading, writing and of course sewing. These things I can do for just a few minutes - mostly any where. It's like a reset for my mind that gives me great inner strength. It would be nice to not put as much pressure on myself, not feel so hectic and (I can't think of a better word...) chill.

It isn't just about relaxing though, it's far more than that. Switching off and focusing on what's in front of me is empowering. It makes me more 'me'.

As I thought about my one word for the year, the word that would lead me back to my intentions, I realised it had to be something strong. My word for 2019 is 'fortitude'. For me that suggests inner strength, staying focusing and being bold but that doesn't have to mean loud. I like that the word gives me courage and yet it also has a sense of stillness. 

It encapsulates how I'm feeling and how I want to continue the year. Being strong, motivated, challenging myself and having strength of mind. I aim to work hard, always being thankful for the blessings I have and to make the most of my creativity. I have specific goals within the three categories that are listed out in my vision board above. They are quite personal so I've decided not to share them here but my overall goals are to have 'create, health and quiet' be at the forefront of my decisions and actions. The whole vibe I get from looking at my vision board makes me really happy and I'm keeping it where I can look at it daily and be inspired.

I am feeling very positive and tenacious about my life right now and what's ahead in 2019.

This year began with a big change, last week I started my new full time job at Janome as Customer Service/Education Assistant.  The UK office and Training Centre are based nearby in Stockport and I'm very happily settling in to my new routine. I will continue to do workshops at Patchfinders and am looking forward to teaching at the Purple Stitches retreat this March. There may well be other classes coming soon and all the information about my classes can be found HERE so keep an eye on that!

Of course I will be sewing, click here to see a list of the projects I'm hoping to work on - mostly some old favourites I hope to finish.

I am daring myself to grow stronger, to have spirit in the things I do and create. To be gleeful and mischievous, to be authentically me and have fortitude in all that I do.

Wishing all of you a very Happy New Year and a joyous 2019!