patchwork squares, quilted with hand stitches, aurifil thread and needle

It seems going out dancing very much agrees with me as I am still glowing after my birthday weekend - although the large angry spot on my face that's appeared since my boozy night out is glowing very red!! I'll take the spot because it was worth it. I had a fabulous time and it felt amazing dancing the night away. New year and turning 40 has definitely given me a boost, things are clearer and I have renewed energy for what I want to do. There's a lot of thinking going on, I have plans but also fears and I'm working through some ideas so I can put out into the world things I am proud of. That is probably a bit cryptic but I will share when I'm ready... part of the sharing is the process. Whenever I step into something new I have worries and that becomes amplified when it's just me doing things on my own. I'm in a good place though, I have wonderfully strong friends around me and they give me strength and encouragement. 

My current work in progress is the cushion pictured above. I had planned to just add a little bit of hand quilting but then I added a bit more. Enjoying every stitch! It just needs a back and then it can go to live on my sofa. I am replacing some of our tired looking cushions with new ones. I've decided bigger is better and I will probably make just a few more until you won't be able to see the sofa, haha! Truly though the ones I made a few years ago are looking worn and it's nice to be able to update them to suit my style now.

I've realised I am hugely affected by my surroundings. Mess and disorder makes me crazy and unfortunately it's hard to keep on top off. Little by little I'm tackling all those spots and areas of rooms that collect clutter. Once something is at least organised (if not neat) I do feel better. Clearing out mess is like a weight lifted. It's also about things looking homely, inviting and happy! Even if there's 'stuff', if it makes me feel warm, inspired or peaceful that's a win. At the moment my house is like the most beautiful florist. I got four bouquets for my birthday, some so large I had to split them up. It means I have vases, jugs and jars of flowers everywhere! 


A room with flowers becomes beautiful automatically. It's a mood booster for me.

With a good mood comes ideas, creativity and planning. I enjoy setting aside time to get our family routine, appointments and commitments written down. We have a family calendar and then I have my cherished planner. I have switched to a week on one page inserts, I find now I'm working full time I don't need so much space each day. I still like to keep track of my schedule for evenings and weekends, especially as I'm teaching quite a bit and electronic planning does not work for me. I like to write things down, tick things off (ahh that checking things off my list feeling is SO good!) and there's something about flicking through the paper pages of the weeks that is not the same as swiping on a phone.

planner, calendar, laptop on desk with coffee mug and a candle

And this new, excited feeling I have is also because I got a hair cut and a fringe. Amazing how a hair cut can make you feel. It was time for a change. Hello 40.