The year of colour site is an interesting tool that assesses the dominant colours used in your instagram photos. You can play with the sliders to adjust the pixels and brightness etc. and it's cool to see which colours it picks out. I have seen a lot of them pop up on other peoples feeds and they are all so different. Mine was a bit of a surprise, I know I've used brown a lot but I did think they'd be more pink and less blue. I guess it doesn't feel completely 'me' but then as I look back on the past year I was surprised by the fact that there hasn't been a whole lot completed...

Below is my top nine - a grid created by another website that finds your top nine pictures using an algorithm that accounts for most like, comments and content. I'm pretty happy with what came up but as I looked through the past year I realised I have only made one quilt this year. ONE QUILT?! There were a couple of other quilt finishes that I shared this year but I actually made them last year. It seems crazy after the many, many quilts I made over the past couple of years that this year there was only one. And maybe that's why it makes sense. I've had some big changes this past year and there's been a lot of adjustment. Getting used to working full time, a new routine and pattern. I'm beavering away at projects but there's a much more chill pace and it feels nice.

Still there's part of me that can't believe it, as someone that got very used to hustle, one finish seems meagre. Oh but it is a lovely quilt! It's #5 on the grid and I am really proud of it. So there will be no beating myself up about it, there's no race and no reason to rush anymore. I can finish things when I want to! Having said that I have been back at my sewing machine over the past couple of days and there are a few projects that I do hope to finish in 2020. No pressure but I will share them when (and if) they do get finished.

Here we go:

1. This is Nicholas Ball with one of his fabulous improv. quilts at the Sewcial Retreat organised by Purple Stitches. I was also lucky enough to join Nicholas' Inspiring Improv Book Tour and I made a cushion using his Shoal pattern.

2. My Nan turned 101 which I shared in this post about taking a day off.

3. I shared this scrap basket as a favourite fast finish. Still being used five years after I made it, you can see the details here.

4. My Wonderwall Quilt was so fun to make for Love Patchwork & Quilting.

5. It was a thrill to be part of Mister Domestic's Aura Blog Party and the Pineapple Crush Quilt I designed is one of my favourite makes. The combination of his Aura prints, the AGF denim and Pure Solids make for a very soft and happy quilt.

6. Selfie with my husband on our 12th anniversary ♡

7. I re-posted this picture of a special finish, the quilt I made for my niece a couple of years ago - Guitar Baby Quilt.

8. These drawstring bags are such a great make, so practical and nicely structured too. I highly recommend the pattern and you can read my post for details, Jetset Cinched Bags.

9. Finally it was a huge honour and true delight to be given the Quilting Designer of the Year Award. I hope to work hard on designing this year and already have scheduled in more time to make that my reality. 

The end of the year always brings a lot of reflection, hope and resolutions. I will be sharing my plans and focus for the upcoming year with you all very soon. For now I wish you all a very happy, healthy and joyful 2020! Happy New Year friends xx