superman and pow / bam confetti pieces

Give me a fabulous pattern, fabric I love and an hour and I'm in my happy place. This new pattern by Laura Cunningham is the most fun. She expertly shows you how to sew with vinyl, with loads of useful tips along the way that make it so easy. GLITTA is such a well written pattern and pattern testers have been all been busy making amazingly varied and awesome versions, click #GLITTApouch to see all the sparkles!

superman and pow / bam confetti pieces zip pouch

I have been waiting to make this project. I have had the fabric and confetti for a while, I was going to make Laura's original See It All Pouch pattern but that would have meant less Superman and I couldn't cut him up. GLITTA is perfect because it lets the fabric be the star and you just throw a little (or a lot) of glitter or confetti on top. This confetti by Ginger Ray was destined to go with the fabric that my amazing friend Nicky gave me (along with the beautifully made notebook cover below!). I would recommend using good quality confetti like this if you are going for paper cut outs because otherwise they bend when you are turning the pouch through.

table confetti package, cityscape and comic pow

It's hard to show in photos but it's like a snow globe effect and the glitter/confetti can be shaken to move around. It is very cool. I have so many ideas for personalising this in different ways and it makes a fab gift! Christmas or birthday versions would be perfect for that.

close up of pow confetti and zip opening

If you haven't guessed my favourite superhero is Superman, an icon of good, strength and truth. He has a energetic charm and, while this might sound weird, there are times when I think about Superman and it gives me the power to keep going. On days when I have a lot to accomplish or I'm feeling like I can't be bothered, it really helps motivate me. See I told you it was weird. Whatever works though, right?! There's also that whole dual identity thing which, since I've been struggling with anxiety, can also be empowering. I came across this brilliant article Superman Character Analysis: More than just a guy who punches things that is a neat commentary of all the ways I love him and why. 

My Superman collection is growing. The notebook and lego figure were both thoughtful gifts so this is my first Superman make and I like the coordination that's going on here!

Superman notebook, embroidery scissors with lego Superman key ring and Superman zip pouch

I did add some little bits of sequin style confetti to the pouch, that I found in the bottom of my kids craft box. It had to have a bit of shine too ✨

Support small business and check out Laura's shop, she has free patterns downloads along with the fantastic new GLITTA pattern and more! 
Thank you for letting me test Laura! If you aren't already make sure you follow her on instagram, she's an inspiring and wonderful designer.   

Close up of Superman fabric and boom confetti

Now I'm interested if anyone else has a fictional character they turn to for inner strength? Is it just me?!