My weekend started when I got back from work on Saturday, after tea we all went to the new Vegan dessert parlour! It has a great atmosphere and we did play the funny Jenga dare! The ice cream was amazing, look at all the yummy flavours:

Despite the ice cream it's definitely not summer anymore, Autumn is upon us and that means boots! Mine were worse for wear so I got these snuggly replacements, possibly the most comfortable boots I've ever worn.

Of course there was some sewing happy mail too. I couldn't resist the adorable DMC + Kircum mini cat hoop necklace from Cloud Craft - there's also regular wooden hoops with ears, and rabbits and bears! Along with the kit I got some felt balls, trimmings and ribbon. Random and pretty!

 I also want to formally introduce our newest member of the family, this is Teddy:

She was adopted from Cat's Protection and has a lovely nature. She's been very timid and has found hiding places all over the house! Gradually though Teddy's settling in, she likes being near me, happily sits next to me while I sew (or type!) and is great with the kids. It's so nice hearing purring again.

Hope you all have a great week!

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