I was given a beautiful low volume nine patch block that I wanted to turn into a cushion. After spending a long time thinking about it, I was inspired by the Glam Clam quilts on social media. This is made from circles rather than clamshells and they are so tactile, like rounded prairie points.

They are really easy to make!

Decide on the size of scallops you want to fit your project, find something circular with a diameter of that size (like tape or a cup or plate). Cut fabric squares large enough to draw circles and leave a 1/4" seam all the way round. For each scallop you need two pieces of fabric. You could use muslin or something plain for the back if you prefer.

Draw a circle on the back of one of the fabric squares and place on top of another square so that the right sides are together. Pin in the centre.

Sew around the drawn line. For larger circles this is quite easy, just gently turn the fabric as you sew. Smaller circles will require more stopping and starting to make sure you are sewing on the line.

Trim around the circle using pinking shears. This helps you have nice curves :)

Fold the circle in half and press (I just do this by hand rather than iron). Open out and cut along the crease.

You now have two scallops. Turn right side out and give it a good press with an iron.

My scallops were 4.5", to stop them from folding in on themselves or getting lumpy, I top stitched around the edges for stability.

Decide on your placement and then layer scallops right sides down, so the outer edges line up with the edge of the block. The floral scallops you see peeking out below will actually be at the front after sewing:

Place a border strip right side down over the top, lining up the bottom edges:

Pin it all in place and sew using a 1/4" seam. You might want to use a quilting needle (rather than a piecing one) in your machine because there are a few layers of fabric there.

Now I have to admit to a mistake you may have already spotted. By sewing on the borders I cut off some of my scallop edges! To avoid this you could just move the scallops 1/4" away from the edges on the first two rows you sew on the cushion. It doesn't bother me enough to redo it. I actually think it might work to stop the scallops sticking out from the cushion so much when it's stuffed!

I'm going to enjoy ruffling these!