Here are my latest Farmer's Wife 1930's Sew-along blocks and the reasons for my fabric choices...

#31 Eva
This letter was a sweet, reassuring tale. I decided to go with the theme of the tree blowing in the wind. I don't really have bird fabric, it's not my thing, so instead I used blue Liberty prints - some of which are feathers. The Paper Bandana dots represent the "land of snow" and the Lighthearted brown print is for the tree limbs. This block was hand pieced.

The next two blocks were English Paper Pieced, I keep switching between the two methods despite knowing that hand piecing is my preference for these blocks. I think I just like the change!

#29 Doris
"Say, aren't you thankful now", a letter full of gratitude and a reminder "to find abundant causes for thanksgiving". I used a Zephyr by Rashida Coleman Hale print for the centre - perfect for Doris, who tries to stride like others. I like the drama of the navy with the brown 30's floral.

#48 Judy
Interesting that the "mother's vacation" ended with her taking a job as a cook! For this one I used Cotton + Steel Sprinkle in Corduroy for the "wheat crop" that was ruined, the metallic and pink print for the "fashionable hotel" and the adorable Cookie Book by Kimberly Kight print for her "work as a cook".

I feel like I need to lay all the blocks out again, to see what I might need more of - pink, navy or brown. I'm happy focusing on those colours (with the odd deviation) and allowing the letters to guide me on my fabric choices, although I still want it to be balanced.

Do you have any tips for balancing colour in your quilt tops? Since I'm (mostly) using a limited palette of three colours, is it better to have the same amount of each or perhaps make one more prominent? Any ideas or thoughts are welcome!