I like having a focus, one word to inspire and keep me motivated for 2016.

My word for 2014 was 'better', I worked on my sewing skills and learned new techniques. 2015 was 'more', becoming more me and creating more happiness - I feel like I achieved that in most things and I will continue to maintain that happy mindfulness. 

There is part of me that is very traditional (quite boring actually) - I like order, routine and being at home. I'm okay with that about myself, I function better when I have a schedule and to do lists! I am very domestic (my husband just said I am like a house cat, in a nice way) but it can cause me to get anxious about going out sometimes. It helps to see friends, get coffee, watch a film, have a date night. I would like to do more of that. There is a need for me to abandon restraints I place on myself and just have fun.

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Katie Daisy

Maybe it's also small joys like stickers, dancing and using odd combinations of colours in my sewing - that is my way of cutting loose. It sounds so silly but it's the little things in life! I have so many responsibilities that just having five minutes of doing something fun and frivolous feels really good. Last night I couldn't sleep so I redesigned my blog header and thoroughly enjoyed it.

On New Year's Eve I created a vision board, laying out pictures and words on a huge piece of paper so everyday I can see my goals and work towards them. I want to aim high, taking steps to actually achieve my bigger dreams and not just dreaming about them. 

I am happy being me; focused on positive things, being grateful and mindful. Though I would like to be a little bit more unexpected, perhaps even capricious, to inject more passion and energy into my life.

Every day, in everything I do, I want to do it with enthusiasm, so that is my word for 2016.

Wishing you all a joyful year!