It seems I'm far better at making these blocks than blogging about them! I'm currently about 10 blocks behind the Farmer's Wife 1930's Sew-along and fear that gap will probably increase. I'm plodding along and hand sewing the blocks, enjoying every slow minute! Most of these were hand pieced and a couple were English Paper Pieced.

#2 Aimee The letter by Bookworm refers to "a round blue jar" on the bookcase, which she collected money in to save up and buy books. The blue and navy fabric is for the jar, the brown for the pennies and the Playing Pop print is going to pass for books on a shelf! I have always been a bookworm - as a child I read late into the night under the duvet with a torch and I recently joined my first book club. I agree there is nothing quite like bring able to "escape for a few minutes into a make-believe world where [my] spirit may be eased".

#76 Nancy (English Paper Pieced) Another bookish letter, this time I used a sweet print with capital letters on it and the pink/gold print reminds me that books can be "a treasured possession".

#46 Jewel (English Paper Pieced) I loved this letter! I chose the Liberty flower print and the soft polka dots to represent the humbleness the farmer's wife feels and her realisation that she needs to listen more.

(skipping #90 Sara for now - I might go back and do it if I decide I have to do them all!)

#79 Patience This was a "down" letter. I went with the muddy colour for the work and the (lack of) money, and the blue for the hauling of water. There is also hope in the block though, the strong blue running across the middle, standing strong. "I am down, and down bad. But I'm not out even yet".

#80 Patricia Hilarious! I think all mothers know how important it is that we get rest, especially when you have babies and very little children. I could never nap when mine were small but eventually I realised that just sitting and doing nothing was as good as and helped keep me "fresh and strong"! I chose the starry print for sleep and the low volume print to symbolise the peace that results. "There could not be not'ing happen dose children worse dan I not get my von little naps".

#39 Grandma It feels like there is lots of movement in this block, spinning and jagged. The "ups and downs" of family life, the children "fly[ing] away"  and the need for "bravery and brightness". Gingham always feels homely to me and I mixed it with a dark, busy print and a swirling print to capture the reflections of the letter.

Have a happy weekend everyone!

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