Like many quilters I have lots of projects on the go but rather than list them all in the hopes of finishing them I'm going to narrow it down to keep it realistic and stay motivated!

Here's my Finish-A-Long list for Quarter one:

1, 2 and 3. The three #therearenowords quilts. One for Nat and her family, two for the grandparents. These are in various stages of near completion and will be handed over to Nat in February, after which I will share them here.

4. A magazine commission with an impending deadline - here's a sneak peek:

5. It's all basted (has been for a while) and I am going to hand quilt it with perle - I had a quilting plan but have since forgotten it so I need to have a look again and come up with something!

6. A commission for a embroidered name cushion. I have picked out some fabric choices but haven't fully decided so here's a picture of one in progress that I made a while ago:

I would like to check all this off at the end of the quarter and approach them all with great enthusiasm! I keep a copy of this list in my planner so I can refer to it and remind myself of what I said I'd complete.

Have you done your list?

2016 FAL