I finished a couple more hand pieced blocks for my Farmer's Wife 1930's Sew-along quilt and they are possibly my favourite ones so far.

#10 Ava I chose the dandelion fabric for the wish for a child and the wish for a sister. The colour of the Blueberry Park print and the sweet little Liberty roses seemed perfect to evoke the love for the two adopted girls and the "bliss of having babies to cuddle". This block feels so 'me' - the colours, the sentiment, the traditional and modern. I really feel love when I look at it, maybe because I thought about my own two girls as I sewed.

The neat back on this one makes me happy too.

#26 Daffodil I've seen some comments in the facebook group about people having difficulty and/or not liking this block. It wasn't the easiest to sew, I think the shapes felt very awkward and (possibly because I traced the templates late at night) my pieces didn't seem to fit perfectly. I'm still happy with the final result and the letter made me like it even more. 
I'm a romantic and I love just being with my husband, I have had many such "a jaunt" with him and it is spending care free time together that makes the everyday chores and responsibilities easier. My good friend gave me a lovely card with a nest that I framed and I do think about our house as a "love nest".
I didn't want to veer away from the natural colours of a daffodil but also didn't want to pick a bright yellow that wouldn't work with the other blocks. The brightness of the leaf/stem print adds a touch of fun, like the "child's delight" of the couple in the letter. I picked a soft, romantic background. I like the overall feel of this block.

On to the next ones.

Have a lovely weekend!


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