I hope those of you in the UK have enjoyed Mothering Sunday! I called my Nan earlier and the kids wished her a 'Happy Mother's Day', she was of course delighted but later in the conversation admitted to being annoyed at receiving cards saying 'Happy Mother's Day' when it is traditionally called Mothering Sunday. I suspect it is another of those Americanisms that she hates regards with disdain. So this is a note to self to remember to always wish her a joyful Mothering Sunday! We had a lovely chat and I was laughing with her so much that when I put the phone down I cried. In sadness, at the loss of my Grandad (she reminded me of some very funny stories about him - they were married for over 60 years), but also in joy at how close we are.

gorgeous bundle of fabric arrived for me on Friday, the very talented Kelly had a giveaway from The Village Haberdashery (Annie sure is fast at getting parcels sent out!). Thank you Kelly and Annie!

I'm absolutely in love with it but have yet to decide what will become of it, triangles maybe? My next EPP quilt?

I couldn't resist getting this FQ from work to add to my rose star quilt and I've been eyeing up a lot of fabric but need to crack on with my WIPs for now rather than adding more to my stash!

Molli Sparkles

On another note I have over 600 unread emails in my inbox and as much as I want to read through them all and reply I have to admit defeat and that's just not going to happen. So if you've emailed me a question or something and I've not got back to you please try again and I will try to keep on top of them better from now on (but can't promise)!