I loved my sewing this past month. I did a tutorial for a super easy QAYG border, worked on my appliqué, made butterfly blocks and rose stars and it is possible I may have inadvertently created a new quilt block when sewing a butterfly block (this is the second one I made on purpose!):

see my butterfly block tutorial

I also got some lovelies finished. The embroidered alphabet quilt was given to one of my best friends new baby boy and the feather quilt is keeping us warm at night on our bed. The fabric basket is my sewing bin and the reward chart was a commission.

Fabric basket and reward chart, custom orders are taken in my etsy shop

Hopefully next month will be just as productive, I should have more finishes and I am about to start a couple of fun projects that I'm really excited about... including some embroidery that I might need a couple of you to help me with so stay tuned stitchers! There's a lot of slow projects and I am spending more time thinking about lay outs and how I want the finished quilt to look. I am hoping this means that I will produce things I'm really satisfied with and, although I do think great things can come of just doing something and not over thinking it, it seems to be a reflection of my growth and how much I'm learning. Listening to my instincts and knowing when something isn't right, which often leads to discovering what is right.

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