This weekend was a lot of fun. My son was so thrilled to have his 6th birthday in a sweet shop! You should have heard the gasps of excitement as we entered the shop, he had a look around and proclaimed that he wanted to move in. 

I don't have much of a sweet tooth but I wanted to move in as well. Nostalgia for the parents, fun for the kids and everyone took lots of sweeties home!

They decorated chocolate bars, played fun traditional party games (musical statues etc) and follow the leader running around the shop! Despite that sounding like it would be total chaos, it wasn't. The party was so well organised, nicely timed and it really is the best sweet shop I've ever been to. 

A Sweet Thought have shops in Bramhall and Didsbury and I honestly couldn't recommend it more as a party location and even just for a visit to stock up on goodies! It was brilliant. I made sure to get some of my favourite rhubarb and custard sweets and they are delicious. I'm fairly sure the grown ups bought more sweets than the kids took home and we've all been impressed by the quality. Well worth a visit if you get a chance.

Obviously the best bit was my very happy kiddos! He was in really good spirits but we could tell he wasn't quite himself... that made sense when he woke up this morning covered in spots of the chickenpox variety. So he'll be off school for a couple of days at least. Thankfully the other kids at the party have all had it already and I'm just hoping the girls don't catch it!

Normal sewing posts will resume shortly, though I've got my hands full at the moment.