I started making this for my eldest daughter as a stocking stuffer for Christmas but since it took me about 8 hours to sew together she isn't going to have it!! Not that she doesn't deserve to have something I've spent time on but I can't stand to think what the doll would look like after she's been 'played' with. So instead she's become my sewing mascot. A little buddy to have hanging around while I sew:

She can guard my stash or keep my sewing machine warm

She was designed by Danielle Thompson of Kitschy Digitals and was free with Issue 34 of Mollie Makes. Another check off my FAL list. At this point I have to keep checking what's on there, I really should keep a written copy of the list somewhere so I can see it! At least four of them are going to roll over to Quarter 2 anyway though. I have some commissions and a lot of small things to make in the next few days.

On 22nd March I am going to have a stall at a craft fair with my mum so I am planning on turning all these bits of leftover binding into lanyards to sell. I always make too much binding, since I'm doing it anyway I like making extra for scrappy bindings or small projects. I am going to need to get making quilts though because I won't have any left after this!

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