No I'm not about to start sharing recipes, I still go to my mum's house for my Christmas lunch ;)

Today was the kids Christmas lunch day at school and also 'wear a Christmas jumper day'. Well they don't have Christmas jumpers but they have a mum that can sew. I searched for a reindeer applique pattern and did some easy zig zag stitching to make these:

Happily worn by the kids in blurry pictures:

Mine isn't as inventive as Susan's recent creation but I'm pleased with them. It was actually quite hard to find a decent free pattern but this one is brilliant and comes in three sizes. Husband has suggested that I make one for the baby too and possibly even for us. Honestly I don't even think he was being sarcastic!! She has a red dress that would suit this perfectly and it would be cute for all three of them to sport rudolphs.

My son took it upon himself to decorate our house at the weekend. He creatively used his drawings and attached pipe cleaners to hang them up. Some are lovely and Christmassy:

That says 'Christmas decoration' in case there was any doubt. It also says 'chop chop', that's pretty random.

Some are not so festive, unless you live in Australia maybe:

He literally has tied these everywhere:

My banisters are covered. It is so cute though and I love that he just did this himself with no prompting. 

If you're doing any last minute Christmas projects and need a fun quilting pattern, try my holly and berries fmq pattern, it is super fast and easy!

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