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My finish is one of the most special quilts I've made - in a way each one is special - but this is extraordinary for a number of reasons...

Primarily because this quilt is for my sister and her husband - they are getting married today!!

It is also my first collaboration. The top was pieced by me, sent to my amazing cousin Jackie in California, who made the back and long arm quilted it. She sent it back to me and I bound it. 

I was so pleased when I finished the owl, it is the Hootenanny pattern from the book 'Dare To Be Square' by Boo Davis. The fabrics in the owl are all from My Fabric House - they do seriously cute bundles!

The eagle eyed amongst you might have spotted an error though...

OH NO!! The owl is missing part of it's claw! I pieced a section of the blocks upside down and only realised when I had already put the quilt top in the post to Jackie. DUH!

Thankfully she is that awesome that she fixed it. phew.

Here is the 'Owl Love You' quilt:

Yes Jackie is totally awesome... look at the 'back' she made:

beautiful, traditional wedding rings.

She quilted such fabulous patterns that really show off the owl but also work amazingly well on the rings too:

The icing on the quilt, the newly weds names and date of their wedding:

If you want to see more of Jackie's long arm skills, or would like to contact her about her long arm service or custom quilting please see her Facebook page - Bar XX Quilting

Here it is draped over our double bed so you get an idea of the size and scale of it, sorry the room isn't even big enough for me to get proper shots:

I adore every part of this quilt and know that Jackie and I have poured love into it.

I am so proud to have Chris be my brother-in-law and (official) Uncle to my children.

I hope the quilt will be a wonderful reminder of their special day, how much their family love them, and help keep them warm throughout their happy marriage.

My baby sister is a 'Mrs'!!

This was the quilt I have been calling the May quilt and it is another check off my FAL list:

she can quilt


So now it's your turn...