I have finished April of my Woodland Sampler.

Here's how it looks so far, super cute!

I also managed to sew a skirt for my eldest little girl, sadly when we went to take pictures outside she was too excited and ran off joyfully to jump on her swing and swing on her belly... and ended up face first eating dirt. So it all ended in tears and a muddy skirt:

I know terrible mummy taking pictures but we had LOTS of cuddles first ;)

I have felt a lot like crying myself recently and my lovely friend Moira sent me a cute note and divine fabric to cheer me up. She knew just what fabric would do the trick too. To know someone so thoughtful is truly enough to lift my spirits, huge thanks again Moira! x

To help pass on more joy I sent this little bundle of fabrics off to The Greenwich Free School after reading about the project on Lynne's blog

Come back tomorrow for a giveaway!

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