I'm excited to share my project for this month's challenge at Le Challenge.

I decided to stitch this gorgeous cross stitch pattern from the book Anna Maria's needleworks notebook by Anna Maria Horner:

It is the 'Terrace Blooms' from the Four Tiles Collection. I didn't use the exact colours recommended but I think they're pretty close to her original choices. I love the brightness! The pattern was fun to work on, the symmetry made it really easy to do and I loved seeing it blossom!

I knew I was making this for a special blogging friend but at first I wasn't sure what to do with the finished stitching. Then I had a flash of inspiration, since she's getting married very soon wouldn't it make a cute ring cushion?! So I threaded two pieces of golden thread into the pattern:

I backed the aida with some cotton (don't want the stuffing coming out of those little holes!) and then made it into a small cushion.

And the threads can easily be snipped out so that she can use it as a pincushion and keep it as a reminder that (although I am on the other side of the world and we've never actually met) I wish her a wonderful and happy wedding day and so much joy in her marriage.

I backed it in Hugs and Kisses in Scotch from the Loulouthi line by Anna Maria Horner.

It couldn't be a more appropriate choice! Sending hugs and kisses and raising a toast ;)

Now head over to Le Challenge and check out everyone's geometric makes!

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And we have announced the theme for May if you want to join in!

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