at least I hope so! I'm linking up to the second quarter of the 2013 Finish-a-Long at she can quilt.

First up the May quilt - that isn't actually it's name but it's a secret project I've been working on - thus I can't show you any actual pictures but this top has been finished and quilted, I just have the epic task of sewing binding on a king size quilt!

Next the DP quilt I'm making for Cindy, using fabulous fabrics from Fluffy Sheep Quilting - I am sorting the blocks into a pattern then will decide about whether it will have a border or not. 

Then a rollover from the last 2 FALs: the Braid quilt, this has no 'purpose' though I may (so tentative about this!) have a little stall at a PTA sale for my son's school in the summer so it might end up there! I have sewn the braids into rows and decided not to add a border, just needs quilting and binding now:

This one is also a rollover and might be a push but I hope to at least get back to making blocks because so far it looks so pretty!! This is the How Far Will You Go? QAL

And if I'm really pushing it I might even try to get my AMH feather quilt done with all my lovely bee blocks - I'm just waiting for a couple more to arrive and then I can start piecing them together :)

I have a bunch of other projects that I want to get done but haven't even made a start on them - there's so much inspiration everywhere that I am always adding to the things I'd like to do. That might be a list for another time!

Join in and see what you can finish!

she can quilt