Sunday, 4 October 2015

living by the day ~ Aunt

#8 Aunt
Life can be overwhelming, the demands and worries can easily take over, and this letter is a nice reminder to "take one day at a time". I chose my fabrics to represent day and night. The square in the middle is like sun down on the horizon. I hope to fill my days "with work well done" and let "tomorrow take care of itself". A productive day is so rewarding and to me this block represents that warm feeling at the end of a good day.

Here are my three blocks so far, which are all English Paper Pieced, you can read about the first two in this post:

I picked up some fabric to add to my Farmer's Wife 1930's stash when I was at Patchfinders. It is hard to find the right kind of brown but I was drawn to this pretty bronze metallic; Brilliant Christmas by Stof. These Clover Black Gold Needles are amazing, my favourite needles for appliqué. The black plating wears away once you've been using them for some time, which is a good way to know you need to change your needle. They are light and thin but very strong and work perfectly with Aurifil 50 wt thread.

As well as sewing I have been on a health kick, drinking green smoothies each day (as well as regular meals not as a substitute) and trying to exercise more. I tried the 30 day shred but quite honestly I wasn't inspired. It is hard enough to motivate myself to exercise but if I don't enjoy it then there's no way it will be sustainable. So I've gone back to some old favourites:

      Kathy Smith - Timesaver Lift Weights to Lose Weight

It's been a while but I remembered the choreography for the hip hop one and I enjoy it. I wouldn't bust these moves at the club but it's ok for dancing round my living room ;)
I can't recommend Kathy Smith highly enough. I have this Timesaver DVD and the second one as well (they aren't available on Amazon UK but you might find them on ebay? You can get them on in the US).
I love doing hand weights and after I read this book I realised how important it is, especially for women, to stay strong - not just for weight but for bone health and more.

So I'm making the most of my days and coincedentally doing things that will help my future, which can't be bad.
Hope you've all had a lovely weekend!

Molli Sparkles


  1. I love your blocks and fabric choices!

  2. Those blocks are awesome, and that is a wonderful brown fabric.

  3. There's nothing like getting out an old exercise dvd and realising you still know what to do when!

  4. I have a question on printing templates for EPP. Do you print on regular weight printer paper or do you use a firmer card weight? I've been thinking of EPP this quilt. :) I'm happy to see other's are using that technique. I like your fabric choices and fussy cuts.

  5. YOu have a lot going on there...good luck with your new diet. Love your blocks

  6. Love your blocks! Such a fun combination of modern fabrics and the 1930's small scale in these blocks. Also had a quick look at your beautiful clamshells. So inspired by your fabric combinations and beautiful work.
    ; )