Friday, 15 March 2013

more tooth fairy cushions

I have been tinkering away and recently made these tooth fairy cushions for my son's friend's birthdays.

The first is a design I've done before:

The mouth of the skull is a pocket for the tooth or any other treasures in the meantime!

The second one was fun to design and I am addicted to this type of applique. It is so easy and quick. 
I made the car front windscreen the pocket for the tooth:

I did some fmq and stitched a 5 onto the bonnet. I used a funky stitch on my machine to make the tyre tracks of the racecar. I'm usually such a stickler for following patterns but I think I might be doing some more of this type of thing because it allows me to just go with whatever comes into my imagination, use up scraps and they are quick projects that make nice gifts.

Happily both the boys love their new cushions!

These were waiting on my FAL list so it feels good to have checked another one off!

she can quilt

I also finished my March box for the Woodland Sampler. I adore these little designs:

Again I felt the yellow didn't stand out that much so I outlined in green:

I have collaborated with Nat to create a fun new blog with a monthly challenge and link party with giveaways!

Le Challenge

I know many of you have been eagerly awaiting this first month's theme for Le Challenge... well it is GEOMETRICS. Check out the blog for more information and have fun crafting! I can't wait to see what everyone makes and how you interpret the theme :)

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  1. I love the skull, it would look great in glow in the dark to check out the geometrics.....

  2. The skull is my favorite too. :) I like that you're giving them as birthday gifts - that's a brilliant idea!

  3. What creative ideas for the tooth pillow! I have 2 girls so I tend to make "girly" things, but these are great ideas to make for my little nephews.

  4. Wonderful cushions! The skull made laugh!

  5. Totally love the skull pillow with the little pocket. Now I have to think of a geometric project :)

  6. Cool cushions! Oooh, geometrics, that is quite inclusive, maybe there is time for one little project, or maybe not, lets see! :o)

  7. Ha, parents are getting so chicken these days about rootling around under their kids' pillows for teeth ;o) Fun get out for them though

  8. Great cushions, totally parent proof for finding those wonky teeth! Di x

  9. Love the skull! I never have been able to come up with a "manly" tooth fairy cushion for my little guys. :-)

  10. Love the skull... Interesting interpretation of 'fairy' ... Could it be the next theme?

  11. I love the car! The tire tracks look great.

  12. I just LOVE the skull cushion - I may have to shamelessly copy you with that one!!

  13. Lucy - making some tooth fairy cushions for my niece and nephew and thought of you as I know you are always making these! I am just using a tooth template (will post later this week). Wondered though, my *cooler* nephew, the kind of 6 year old that rolls his eyes at you while definitely thinking "are you for real?" would love the skull version. Can I copy your design? ;) xo B

  14. Lucy, these are awesome! I am keeping this post tucked away for future reference when all the babies I know start to lose their teeth. These are great gifts I can give to my friends for their little ones! Such an awesome idea!

  15. Your toothy cushions are so adorable. Both fab ideas. I think the skull is my favorite. Cute little 'shroom too!