Friday, 24 August 2012

Eye need sleep and a winner!

One very necessary finish this week... I'm having trouble sleeping so I thought an eye mask might help. It was also a chance to do a bit more embroidery!

I got to try out a couple of stitches I'd not done before - button hole stitch (blanket stitch) and up and down buttonhole stitch (for the bottom lashes)

I used some of the Oakshott cotton I was given in my Fat Quarterly retreat goodie bag, as well as a couple of layers of plain black cotton inside and the back is the softest cotton fabric I could find. It is really comfy, the only change I made to the pattern was adding some elastic at the back to hold the ribbons together and make it easy to take off and on.

The pattern is based on one from the book 'The Stitch Bible' by Kate Haxell - I say that because I didn't bother enlarging the pattern (that requires finding somewhere with a photocopier and I don't have time for such nonsense!) and I drew the eyes on free hand - hence the large alien looking ones... well my kids think it's very funny!

This is a great book, I'm sure I'll use it a lot for reference and ideas! There are other gorgeous projects too:

It covers all the basics and has really clear instructions and diagrams for how to do the different stitches - there are some beautiful filler patterns I want to try. It also has chapters on Blackwork, Crewelwork, Hardanger and more. I also want to try some of the lovely Drawn Thread techniques.

To be honest I was originally looking at another book - I wanted something to teach me more stitches and that I could use to help me follow patterns - this one was cheaper though and in the end it has everything I need. I definitely recommend it!

On to the winner of the Japanese scrap bag...

Mr has chosen:

who is tubilinha tiacarminha, a lovely follower:

Congratulations! I have sent you an email.

If you didn't win, don't be sad; come back tomorrow, you might be glad (see what the lack of sleep is doing to me?!).

I'm joining in the Quilter's Gallery Blog Hop Party and I have a great giveaway!!

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  1. I think you are winking at me!

  2. I hope it helps, it is beautiful anyway, I love the clutch!

  3. Wow your stitching is incredible! I've not tried any of those stitches yet - you've inspired me! An awesome project - and thank you so much for linking up!!!

  4. Ha, you do the cutest things. I hope this helps you get some sleep. Question: do you have a foolproof way of starting the blanket stitch so you can't tell where you started? I always have trouble with the first stitch. I don't know why....

  5. It's fabulous! Any chance of a couple of photos of you modelling it (one over your eyes and one on your forehead) - it would go nicely with the 'threading' photos!

  6. Adorei! está muito bonito e engraçado.Obrigada pelo prêmio,estou nas nuvens...será bem aproveitado.Deus te abençoe.

  7. So cute! Sleep seems to be in short supply these days~ hope it helps!

  8. I'm with Helen, modelling photos are definitely needed here ;-)

  9. Great stitching! And such a cute idea!

  10. Such an awesome eyemask! Loving your embroidery skills =D

  11. Love the eye mask and you've done a great job drawing it free hand! Beautiful stitching as always, Lucy.
    Can't wait to see the other projects you'll be making from that great book, they'd be lovely for sure.

  12. I'm with Helen too - model pics please!
    Its just so darn cute:-)

  13. Hehe, perpetuating the myth mums always have one eye open even asleep, seeing all, knowing all :)
    Hope you start to sleep better.

  14. Your eye mask is so gorgeous!!!! So cheeky and cute!! I hope it helps you sleep.

  15. Beautiful embroidery on the eye mask! I hope it's helped you get some shut eye ;-)