Wednesday, 8 August 2012

bits and pieces

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I'm feeling a bit all over the place with lots of projects on the go... to be honest I'm itching to baste and quilt an actual quilt but here's my progress this week:


- E.T. Turn Up the Volume cushion

- Project for a Fat Quarterly challenge, hopefully I'll share this soon!


- Tetris QAL. Super fun and block 4 complete:

- Baby quilt - this is going to get basted this week or I will cry!

- Rose Star, working on block 17:

- Sailor Mouth Swap. I'm working on 2 projects for my secret partner.

- How Far Will You Go QAL. I finished the 3rd block up this week and can't wait for more:

- Baby growing. I'm 18 weeks pregnant and the morning (evening/afternoon sickness) has not let up :( I have a midwife appointment tomorrow and hopefully all is well!

no progress

- Retro Flowers (can't really call it a QAL anymore!!). Still only 2 blocks but since everything's cut and it's sitting in a bag staring at me I hope I'll do at least one more block before next week!

completed: 2
new projects: 2
in progress: 8

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  1. Hope the sickness eases soon, I guess you know about trying ginger biscuits or the ginger and lemon tea?

  2. You are one busy lady!!! Sorry to hear about the morning sickness not getting an better. Hope it gives you a break soon :)

  3. Good luck for the check up tomorrow, hope everything is perfect :-)
    Lovely wips - I kinda know what you mean tho, sometimes I get so many projects on the go I just get desperate to pack them all away and do a whole quilt start to finish...which I never do, I just end up with another project on the go!!!

  4. Oh what lovely LOVELY creations. I like your hair too--so mod and chic. ♥
    I'm following you. Can't wait to see what you come up with next.

  5. I hope the morning sickness eases soon. It really is the worst! I'm really impressed by your productivity. All sewing ground to a halt in my first trimester. I've been able to get a lot done since then but I can feel myself getting tired more easily in the evenings as I approach the end of my second trimester... It's so much harder to stay motivated now! :)

  6. Hope the sickness eases soon for you. It took 20 weeks for me.. so not long. Great progress all round though - I am amazed, I could not do a thing!

  7. Wow. This is really nice progress! (Congrats on being 18 weeks too!)

  8. Love your WIPS and feel for you with the constant sickness. I spent 9 months puking, its horrible x

  9. My sis is 19 weeks and still feeling sick, so you are in good company!

    Loving the makes, and good luck with the RF battle xxx

  10. Thanks for stopping by my blog xxx

    I can sympathise with you re morning sickness
    BOTH my full term pregnancies I stopped ALL DAY sickness around 20-21 weeks

    Good luck xx

  11. Morning sickness booo!

    What kind of fabric is on the back of that pillow? really cool looking!!

  12. Great job on all the makes, bugger on the morning sickness!

  13. Really like the cushion! Morning sickness-ugh!

  14. Love your ET pillow - and I hope you feel better soon too!

  15. Beautiful makes! Hope the sickness fades soon, Lu. I've never understood why it's called morning sickness, it lasted all day for me too. Not till 18 weeks though, you poor thing!

  16. Thanks so much for sharing, I am going to check out that tetris qal, looks neat. Congrats on the baby, I have to agree on teh ginger although I was always chewing on crystalized ginger, it was like magic! Anywho I hope you feel better

  17. Sorry to hear about the all day sickness! I was that way with Jolene :( Hope it gets better soon! Lots of lovely projects going on in your sewing room :)

  18. You've been so busy - all that sewing AND growing a person! I LOVE LOVE LOVE your ET cushion. The busyness of it really appeals to me. In fact, I think I may get some 30's repros and have a go - my gran needs a cushion to match a quilt I made her. This would be perfect! Good luck today, c'mon baby, be nice to mama!

  19. I hope your appointment went well and that the sickness lets up soon. Love all your projects!!