Monday, 5 December 2011

3 more quilts before Christmas?!

I have one more quilt finished, a present for my friend's son. I just randomly picked this design after making a bunch of half square triangles and it went together really well - I especially love the orange binding and I quilted it with yellow thread :) Since I'm lacking any better suggestions or ideas, I'm calling it 'Diagonal Stripes HST Quilt' - thanks Kristastitched! (before you judge and think she's not creative - hahaha - go check out her blog, especially the DP layouts she did recently!!)

I love these fun boy fabrics too!

So that's another one down, now just three more quilts to make before Christmas??!

So glad I have Janine at Rainbow Hare Quilts keeping me on track with Making Christmas:


Here's how my list is shaping up:
1) A purple quilt - I'm following the Drunkard's Path Quilt Along Done! See here
2) A purple and turquoise quilt - this will be the palette for my Dead Simple Quilt Along (pictures and more on that soon!) Done! See here
3) A baby quilt for my friend's son Done! See above ;)

4) A red Christmas dress for the little girl! - Really NOT going to happen unless I can find a super easy pattern I can do in one evening?!
5) At least two stuffed toys - Probably not going to happen either!
6) 2 pouches Done! See here and actually I made four in total! (ok maybe more, but that's a surprise for people who might be reading!)
7) Oven gloves Done! See here
8) and maybe a quilt for me! :) - Not before Christmas but this is definitely my next project!
9) Two quilts for my nieces, using Terrain charm packs - Done all the cutting but no sewing yet!
10) Does Not Compute quilt - this wasn't originally on the list but I'm determined to get this one done. Oh yes, the boy will have this by Christmas (I hope!)

Lots more of this kind of thing!
Other things I've made this weekend... I got sick of the 'box' that came with the basting pins I use. Plastic and just rubbish. It kept coming open and they'd spill everywhere, then I remembered that I can now make zip pouches! So I did:

I did manage to get those corners pushed out a bit more after poking them with a big knitting needle :)

I also made my third Blogger's BOM block. You can get instructions for this block at Loft Creations and you can join the QAL by clicking on the button on the right :)

I'm much happier with where this is going now! I like those 3 blocks together - no actual plan with what I'll do with this one when it's done but since it'll be towards the end of next year I'll probably give it to someone for Christmas and give myself a head start!!

If you're making your way through a list or want to share your Christmas makes head over to Rainbow Hare Quilts and join in the linky party :)


  1. OMG, you are amazing! Everything looks great!

  2. wow! thanks for the shoutout, lol, glad i could help!! your stuff is looking great, love the backing on the dshst quilt, also digging the BOM blocks, neat looking so far!

  3. Lucy, you're a bit nutty but I think you can do it! My productivity has greatly slowed down, or rather maybe I should say that what I did have on the go for Christmas is mostly done, and I have no huge projects looming, so I'm feeling pretty relaxed!!

  4. I think you can do it! This one is fab too. Love all the fabrics in the diagonals and the backing - perfect for a little boy. And you've found time for a pouch and BOM blocks, which are also looking great. Good luck with the rest of your list :)

  5. Three more weeks, so that's one per week. I know you can do it!

  6. You're over half done with your list! Lucy, you are a machine!! Your HST quilt looks great as do the blocks and zippy pouch. Well done, you!

  7. Fabulous boy quilt!Super fabrics.

  8. Your quilts are just wonderful!

  9. All those boy prints are way cute. I really like your BOM blocks :)
    Congrats on your finishes!

  10. Oh you make me sick. How do you do it all, Ms Superwoman? ;)

    Another gorgeous quilt (though the name made me giggle). And those BOM blocks are definitely coming together nicely. I still need to get onto that...

  11. Love the boy's quilt... all those cute prints. And the backing! Love, love, love! Your BOM are also very nice... good job!

  12. I LOVE the diagonal stripes! One of my quilts in progress is a half square triangle one, and I really want to make another at some point, so I may have to try this. Also love the dinosaur fabric :).

  13. Wow! You have accomplished so much - and you are so ambitious! Christmas is a great motivator :) I love the diagonal quilt and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Drunkards Path! Keep going - your list is getting smaller!

  14. You have been busy! And it all looks fabulous! Good luck with the rest of the list...

  15. Lucy-- wow it looks like you are getting a lot done!! I really love your fabric choices on your Blogger's BOM. Really nice. Hugs

  16. Hi! Greetings from Finland! Your quilts are so fantastic! It's so nice to find other quilters all around the world!
    Yours, Ulla

  17. This Diagonal Stripes HST Quilt is really cute. So fresh and modern. I really like it. And you have more quilts to complete before Christmas? I'll cheer you on: You can do it! Go Girl Go!

  18. tee hee hee

  19. Wow, youre really flying through your projects!! Keep going, you'll get them done!