I rarely drink, hardly ever, but last night I had two close friends from High School come over and I had two glasses of white wine. Two. That's it. Yet today I feel horrible and have a banging headache that will not go away. Is there something about being over 30 that's means you can no longer feel spritely the next day?!

Anyway, despite the hangover I finished binding my Drunkard's Path QAL quilt today! I love it and hope my MIL will love to receive it for Christmas :)

I think my nifty walking foot device helped! And I love the concentric circles against the solids and florals. Sorry for the poor light in the pictures but it's just that time of year (actually I'm in England, it's often like that!!). I've said it before but I thoroughly loved being part of this Quilt Along and you can click the button to join in at anytime. I am completely in love with Drunkard's Path quilts and will certainly use them again. So thank you to Needle and Spatula and Obsessive Crafting Disorder for hosting such a fantastic QAL and introducing me to my favourite blocks! If you head over to their blogs you can see more finished quilt tops and undoubtedly be inspired :)

Drunkard's Path QAL

I know I've been crazy lucky since I started blogging and please don't hate me but the gorgeous FQ bundle I won from Crazy Old Ladies arrived today. It's her new Hall of Fame Collection for Michael Miller. I just adore it:

That's the little one picking out her favourites! She has good taste :)

And just so you don't think my life is perfect here's the decorations I successfully retrieved from the attic yesterday:

It's a good job I didn't hurt myself on our attic ladder because it was just NOT worth it!!! Seriously a garland made from holographic cardboard and wool (kiddie project last year!!) and the most PATHETIC fake tiny tree with horrible lights and some 'interesting' decorations. The coke bottle I actually love and the yummy mummy was from a friend I used to work with but what is the rest??!! I don't even know - I think the hat might be one of those free ones from an innocent smoothie drink and there is one I got when I worked for Estee Lauder. This is terrible. Thank goodness I made that cute advent calendar or we'd really have nothing.

Ok it's not Christmas yet Lucy!! I'll be down to the pound shop on Monday and see what other treats I can find :) I might just go for the tacky and cheap look and embrace the shame! Just in case you think I have no taste, let me point you in the direction of some beautiful decorations and a gorgeous tree at making rebecca lynne, that is what I'm aiming for next year :)
It's never going to happen this year because I still have 3 more quilts to make (maybe 4!). Hopefully lots more finishes to show you this month but for now I'll be linking this one up to Crazy Mom Quilts and Thank Goodness It's Finished Friday at Quokka Quilts this week!