It's ok for my to say that, I only have one!

The past few days have really been about my son, with a bit of her too :)

On Friday he was in his first school play - cue me with tears in my eyes!

Saturday we had a lovely big Christmas meal with my wonderful family in Chester - there were a few tears there too, remembering the ones who are no longer with us :(

Today we went to see Father Christmas for the first time at the fabulous Quarry Bank Mill in Styal, a great National Trust place to visit - yes I got teary, the kids were just so cute!
Then to top it off we've just been gluing and sticking and my son wanted to write MY name on his picture because it is for me!!

(We are not American, that is an upside down 'u'!!) I know I'm a big sap but if your first born wrote that you might well up too!! He's only 3, I'm very proud!

So to celebrate my love for him, I'm working hard on this:

Just started on the quilting and some of this to add on:

Also want to give a shout out to say thank you for all the really kind comments and emails I've had recently - you all know who you are and you're all true friends, thank you so much! Gonna stop there before I cry again, really I am a sap.