If I'm not too late I'll be linking this post to Rainbow Hare Quilts, thank goodness for Janine keeping me on track!! I did manage two makes that weren't on my list!!


Here's what I've been up to the past couple of days...

I am grateful to Jessica at Life Under Quilts for providing me with great inspiration and making do with what you've got. I have been struggling to find somewhere to put my binding...

I totally stole her genius idea, when I finished my binding this was in easy reach!!

I have been eating this...

provided by a nice neighbour!

I have also been doing some making :)

In between making quilts I randomly decided to make something as a gift for my sister. I needed a break from quilting so I did some quilting on something smaller?! No I can't make sense of it either, I guess I just like making different projects sometimes!

She mentioned she might be getting a sewing machine, so because I can't afford to buy her one :( I'm doing the next best thing and making her stuff to go with it!!

I used a great tutorial by Amy at Lots of Pink Here for this cute travel sewing kit. I'm proud of how it turned out.


I used up some left over bits of fabric (mostly from my Dead Simple quilt) and a nice scrap of Lizzy House that was given to me.
My sis is a Manchester City supporter so I hope she appreciates the blue! I went for something a bit different on the outside but I think she'll like it.

I also made her a scrappy pincushion. I used this super easy tutorial at Ellison Lane Quilts by the lovely Jennifer.

I have to be honest and say I don't own any lapel stick so I just pinned it and I don't have any lizard litter either so I used stuffing! It was still super duper easy to make though :) I love how it looks, all big and squishy! It is a great way to use those tiny bits of cool fabrics you don't want to bin!

There were some firsts - the first pincushion I've ever made! Also making the travel sewing kit was the first time I've hand sewn a binding on - I totally wasn't going to (I'm VERY lazy like that) but it was obvious that it would look a million times better. I'm really glad I did. I have to say though I'm really impressed with those of you who sew all your bindings on by hand! I just don't have the patience so I'm not even going to attempt a whole quilt, I might one day :)

I'm starting to think about all the other sewing things I want to try:

I've yet to make a cushion, so that's definitely on the list (Nicky is so helping me!!)
I've never made a wonky star (think I'm the only one who hasn't!!)
I HAVE to learn to paper piece properly, really it's not funny how bad I am!
I really want to make a cute pouch and I know exactly where I'm heading to do that - making rebecca lynne!
I also MUST improve my barely existent embroidery skills
...and the list goes on.

Oh well! Less of what I'd like to do and more of what I can and have!!
Make sure you check back here on Friday because for now all I'm doing is celebrating like this...