So that's me all done! Much cheering and dancing around, then straight to bed!!
It was touch and go, didn't think I was going to make this one in time but here it is:

The pattern is by Amy Smart at Diary of a Quilter - it was so easy to do I made two, so check it out!

I didn't even lay out the charms this time round - I just shuffled the pack and picked them up as I was chain stitching charms to the sashing. I'm not sure I like the layout as much as the first but I wanted to get it done and thought it would be a fun experiment! The patterns and colours are great so I was pretty sure it would look ok :)

I forgot to mention a few things in my post about my first Terrain Lattice Quilt. The pattern calls for 50 charms - a charm pack and 8 extra charms. Since I had 2 charm packs I used some extras from leftovers. One is a bright stripe, with pinks and oranges so I thought it would blend well. I also used some white on pink dots that was leftover from my Half quilts. I wanted to use this to tie in with the awesome Ta Dots binding!!

The other point was that I read a great tip (apologies I have totally forgotten where - I tried to search but no joy) about how to avoid cutting corners off points when putting on your binding. After quilting, when you're trimming the quilt you leave an extra 1/8th" round all the edges. I tried to take a picture but it was night time and I used white sashing so it just didn't work. I hope you all get what I mean. Using my ruler and rotary cuter, I lined the ruler up to the edge of the quilt top and rather than cut exactly along the edge I added 1/8th" from the edges of the quilt top and cut along that line. That way when you add your binding you're less likely to cut off any edges or corners of your pattern. I was very pleased with the results:

I still managed to not match them exactly and cut a couple off but it could have been worse if I'd not used that tip! I use 2.5" binding strips, if yours are wider or narrower you might need to adjust that 1/8th".

I'm linking up to TGIFF! Check out everyone's great finishes:

I'm done sewing for the next few days and going to have a nice rest over Christmas :) Enjoy the holidays!

p.s. My children have this toy and it totally reminds me of one of our bloggy friends (not actually the lovely lady but the blog!!), I giggle every time I see it! Guess who??!