I do enjoy making little projects, it's always good to have a nice quick finish between bigger projects. I have been joining in with Laura of Sweet Cinnamon Roses as she hosts her Pattern Parade of projects, all designed to be fun to sew and encourage your creativity!
So far for the pattern parade I have made the Glitta Pouch and an Improv block using her patterns, here's how mine turned out...

It was easy picking out fabrics for the pouch, the brown/ pink/gold combination is a firm favourite of mine and I had some pink chunky glitter that was perfect. The gold metal zip was bought some time ago and the length was just right for a little pouch. I also have some iridescent glitter but I realised it would be too much with the print to have so much glitter going on, though I think mixing glitters is fabulous when the background is a bit more neutral or plain.

I have made a couple of these pouches before - this Superman one is a favourite and gets used a lot. They are so satisfying to make and it's cool to be able to use up glitter, sequins, confetti and put them into a project.. Actually you could float anything really, it would be fun to maybe print photographs and have them incorporated into a pouch... I also think thread ends or fabric scraps could look cool... they wouldn't shake in the same way the glitter does but still it could be interesting experimenting.

I did add zipper ends to my pouch because the metal zip is so chunky, I like the finish of fabric zip ends too. 

It's immensely pleasing to shake the pouch and see the pretty glitter reflecting, small joys!

So, I think I have a pouch addiction. I've taken to making larger pouches to hold my hand sewing projects like cross stitch and embroidery but then I don't like the threads and scissors being loose inside. Obviously that means I need a smaller pouch in the larger pouch to corral them. So this will house my scissors and threads for a particular project inside another bag. I tend to leave the smaller pouches open next to me as I stitch so that those supplies are easily reachable. 
The pouch making addiction is real but not an issue because they are all so useful! I am thinking of making a stash of them to be able to have on hand for gifts too because last minute gifts are always a problem and everyone can use a pouch!

An aside ~ How many times can I write pouch. I hate the word pouch, I would rather use 'bag' but so many people use the term pouch for zip bags now that it's become the standard and so I use it too but it makes me cringe. Sorry. Well not sorry but I don't mean to offend anyone, I have a pouch pattern too so it's just one of those things. And I'm sure I have said this before and now I'm just rambling, moving on...

Using Laura's Improv Piecing pattern to make a block was a treat! It's nice to be able to sew something with no measuring needed. I reached into the fabric scrap basket that sits next to my machine and pulled out colours and prints that I liked and were in a similar palette. There's that pink./brown/gold mustard vibe again! I added in a strip of green at the bottom so it creates a sort of nature scene. I see trees, flowers, clouds, rain and sunshine in this block - do you? 
And the cute cloud makes a sweet fussy cut centre.

I have no immediate plans to make this block into something but I do have a plan for some other quilt blocks that I have and this one will join them. Currently I am aiming to get some old quilt tops finished and so that project will have to wait, hopefully it will be a nice one to do in the summer - stay tuned!

If you would like to whip up some cute projects and help get inspired do visit Sweet Cinnamon Roses and join the pattern parade anytime!