The other night I couldn't sleep and I did what any crafter might do, I starting pottering around my sewing space. On the windowsill sits a sewing basket. A perfectly nice, floral sewing basket. I think it was gifted to me but I don't actually remember.  I really like the colours but it's a little twee for my taste and it doesn't really fit my vibe. So - I'm sure to some peoples utter horror - I found a way to make it more me. 

Now if you've been here a while, you know I love stickers. I will put them on anything but fabric?! no.

What is the fabric alternative to stickers? Patches!

Here's how I did it and what I learned in the process...

I had a few patches in my stash of bits and bobs. Some I've had for a while and some were bought more recently, I think there was an idea for them but I forgot whatever it was I was intending to do and I suspect this is better. There was no plan involved, just sort of threw the patches on and went for it.

For patches like the one above, that are printed not woven, you need to use a lower heat setting on your iron and a pressing cloth over the top. I know this because I did have two and one sadly melted because without realising the iron had been left on the highest setting and I can be very heavy handed. Not to be deterred by one casualty I pressed on more carefully. 
Thankfully the cloth and slightly lower heat did the trick and all the patches fused easily to the fabric. When putting patches on clothes I do tend to fuse and then hand sew round the edges, that way they stand up to more use and washing. I don't anticipate having a problem with just fusing them on the box though.

As I was doing this I realised the fabric cover on the magnetic closure had come off, I vaguely remember noticing it a while ago but had never fixed it and goodness only knows where it is or what happened. It looks like a button opening but it's not, it's a magnet and you lift that whole loop with the magnet to open it.

Anyway, I couldn't leave it as was because the plastic and glue is not a good look! I thought for a second about making a fabric covering but honestly could not be bothered. Instead I returned to the trusty tin of buttons that belonged to my Nan. I tried a few out but if I glued a button to the front you would still see the white plastic around the edge and I didn't like that.

Happily it didn't take long to find the PERFECT button, it was exactly the right size and all I had to do was turn the button around - it is shaped, so the front of the button completely covers the white plastic. Clearly it was meant to be!

Of course I had to fake that the button was stitched and so I used Aurifil 12wt thread to stitch a cross on the button and then used E6000 glue to stick it in place over the plastic. Midnight photo taken during making above, true to life daylight photo below.

I added a couple of patches to the sides too and will add more if and when I please. 

It sort of reminds me of a vintage suitcase, how people would put travel stickers on them. This is personal, it makes me smile and while it may not be to everyone's taste (and really none of it does go together!), I will enjoy using it more now or at least admire it on the windowsill.

And since I have my Nan's sewing box for hand stitching thread and things, this box houses all my paper pieces for English Paper Piecing. I tend to have leftovers from packs and collections from magazine freebies, so this is where they all live. 

I'm working on a new little epp project so it will be put to use right away! (ok, maybe after I hunt for a few more patches... this could become an addiction).

Patches -