This is really exciting for me! I have taught patchwork and quilting, been published in quilt magazines and written more patterns than I can remember... and yet here I am releasing my first quilt pattern for sale!

Trenton block mini quilt hand piecing

The Trenton Block mini quilt pattern is so special. It's a traditional quilt block (which I love) and the quilt is hand pieced. The pattern comes with a bonus free guide to hand piecing - if you haven't used the technique before it has all you need to know!

I actually made the quilt a couple of years ago, it was in Love Patchwork & Quilting magazine.

quilt hand sewn hand quilting

To create a modern aesthetic I chose ombre fabric, paired with a couple of favourite prints; Wild Goose with Black Spots, Just A Speck by Jen Kingwell and Ladder Lines in Sage, Doe by Carolyn Friedlander. I just love how these fabrics look together, the gentler pastel colours with the black of the spots and stripes. The quilt is hand quilted with perle thread.

While this pattern isn't suited to complete sewing/quilting beginners, the free guide has lots of pointers and the pattern has step by step instructions with clear photos so you can achieve lovely curves and perfect points.

hand piecing hand sewing a quilt

Hand piecing is my favourite way to piece and so encourage you to try hand sewing in the hopes that you'll enjoy it as much as me! For those of you that already love hand piecing you can also have fun choosing fabric for this quilt, creating interesting repeats and secondary patterns. There is a lot of scope for playing about with light/dark, prints/solids and the 'background' pieces to create very different almost 3D effects.

Trenton block quilt

The Trenton Block mini quilt is made up of four blocks and is 19" square. Though it is of course possible to make more blocks and create quilts of any size. Wouldn't this pattern be amazing in a huge quilt?! I also think it would be perfect as part of a medallion quilt... mmm I'm now thinking about starting another!

Trenton block mini quilt pattern Charm About You

To get the Trenton Block mini quilt 10 page PDF pattern - with extra bonus 8 page PDF guide to hand piecing - visit my shop, click here!

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I have been thinking about putting my patterns on Craftsy. Do you tend to browse and buy patterns from there?  Or for those of you that design quilt patterns would you recommend it? Let me know below...