Last year I did 100 days of silent sewing, it was a great exercise in mindfulness that allowed me to simply sew without all the distractions of day to day life. It was meditative and gave me some much needed space.

Starting tomorrow on instagram #the100dayproject kicks off again - you can find all you need to know about here by clicking here!

You chose a project to do for 100 days, pick a unique hashtag and then share each day. Hosted by @elleluna and @lindsayjeanthomson, they provide encouragement and motivation. What I loved about doing this project is there is no pressure, no expectations. It really is an exploration of creativity and the 'rules' are up to you.

Originally the plan was to use the same hashtag and redo my #100daysofsilentsewing (click to see what I did!). Then I thought some more and decided I have that down - I'm good at it and still enjoy it. So it may well be that some of my sewing will be silent this time. But that's not enough. I really want to have some intention with my sewing. It might be that I have a project to finish (ha! I do! loads!!), a pattern I intend to release (yes, a few!) or a skill I want to learn or hone. This year my project is going to be #100daysoffocusedsewingbylucy.

Again I am leaving it pretty open so that I can work on whatever I most want to give my attention to. My idea is to have a sense of purpose and a reason for sewing a particular project. The aim is for that purpose to provide me with focus. I'm hoping that by doing this daily the benefit will be more clarity and drive, perhaps more finished projects but also a focus on my own style, designs and skills. While having a reason to be working on a project might seem like an obvious thing, for me it often gets lost. Like I can't see the wood for the trees. Focusing on the bigger picture could be just what I need to stay motivated and to do the work.

You can follow along at #100daysoffocusedsewingbylucy I would appreciate some encouragement!

Are you joining in this year? Let me know what project what are doing or what you would like to do for 100 days...?