Last weekend I was on Sewing Quarter, using fun shapes and tools to create two small quilts - one of which used a bit of artistic licence! 

The first is this 'Braid' baby quilt, using inspiration from Carolyn Forster's book One Patch Quilts. It's a clever book that explores quilts made from a single repeating shape and is perfect for sparking ideas and playing with shapes. I used Scandi Basics by Makower and a solid red to make a striking repeat. This curved stitch has become one of my favourites for quilting. I used grey and red thread alternately so red would be on the 'hearts' and grey on the patterned fabric.

Originally I created the quilt to be the other way up but this way you can see hearts, which looks very cute.

Next was the colour wheel quilt - a free pattern that comes with the Creative Grids Non-Slip Colour Wheel template - that allowed me to use the stash of Makower Spectrum Solids I have! I really enjoyed sorting the colours into groups and auditioning tones and shades.

Once all the colours were cut, the pieces came together quickly and I did play about with the position of the wedges, so it's not strictly a colour wheel. I was working with what I had and it looks pretty even if it's not accurate!

It was fun matching the binding (sort of) to the colours of the wheel too. I love a scrappy binding.

I can't believe it's November already, I have lots of things I want to get finished before the year is over! Better get cracking with that...

Did you write a finish-a-long list this quarter? How many projects would you like to finish before 2018?

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