I just got off the phone to my husband. We had a really funny chat, it's one of those stories that if I tell you about it you won't find it funny at all - so I won't bother. What I will tell you is I couldn't stop laughing. A proper laughing fit. It felt so so good! I encourage you all to laugh today. Talk to your partner, a friend or watch something funny and have a really good laugh. Master of None on Netflix is hilarious, I'm currently watching it and would recommend it.

This little parcel is a full of secret sewing and is on it's way today, but sorry I can't share until next year! Admire the pretty washi tape though :)

In other cuteness, this little ball of joy is constantly cracking me up! She is so theatrical and loves singing all the songs she's learning at nursery. Adorable!

So on to the winner of the Bobbie Lou's Fabric Factory giveaway...

69 Dude!! 

Congratulations Jessica! I have sent you an email :)

I hope you're all having a great week and that you can find something to smile about today! xx