This week I have had some beautiful packages of delicious fabric, along with some pink supplies.

I am making the Everything In Its Place Bag and really didn't want to use boring velcro to hold the pocket pages in place. A quick search on Ebay and I opted for this bright pink one. I also got some bright pink zips from Sew Hot, there are a lot of zips in this pattern so it made sense to pick my favourite colour! 

Collette sent me a very pretty bundle of fabric that I won from her creativity series and also very kindly sent me a gorgeous panel that she hand printed from a lino cut she made. I am completely in love with it, it reminds me of those fortune telling fish. Collette is a really talented artist and I hope she does more fabric printing!

I also got a bundle of Handprinted Queen Bee panels in copper from Skinny Malinky Quilts. I have bought Lucy's fabric before, she creates beautiful panels from her drawings. There was a lot of gasping and swooning when my order arrived! I made a video, you can click here to see it, because my camera wasn't picking up the colours or metallics well. So I borrowed this picture from Lucy's shop for you to see how amazing it is...
Lastly this incredible fabric swap package from Tanya @yetanotherusername, she so kindly sent me loads of stunning Liberty prints and some beautiful peachy pinks that I can use in my Farmer's Wife blocks. Do you see the fish?! I seem to be collecting aquatic prints, which is probably because Joan loves them. She wants to open her own aquarium, with lots of Pufferfish. 

Right I better go and sew some stuff. I am hoping to get lots of sewing time in this week because I have a lot to do! What are your plans this week?

Molli Sparkles