I'm back for my turn as a guest blogger for the Farmer's Wife 1930's Sampler Quilt Sew-along with Fat Quarter Shop and Gnome Angel. Today's block is #68 Mrs Fay.

For this block I went back to hand piecing, I really enjoy it and it is quicker than English paper piecing. To see my hand piecing tutorial click here.

I did manage to goof part of this block while I was sewing it together but it was a simple fix and the block isn't hard if you are concentrating! I found it easiest to piece the four components, as in the assembly instructions, and then sew two pieces to opposite sides of the square:

Then I sewed the other two parts in, like piecing a jigsaw! I definitely prefer to do things like that by hand rather than machine. *please excuse the gloomy picture above, it was late at night and I wanted to keep sewing!

#68 Mrs Fay
The letter describes the wife's surroundings in Iowa, "Sheer beauty lying all around us if we but care to make it our own". I chose the orange and gold Carkai print for the "sun setting in a glory of rose and gold". The neutral Cotton and Steel print is to represent "the snow and sleet that change our common surroundings to fairyland".
It resonates with me to think that we can step outside of our worries and all the 'to dos', even if just for a brief moment, to appreciate that it is "glorious to be alive". Admiring the beauty of nature can indeed make us feel "calm and exhilarated", if we take time to notice it.

Those corner points do meet, I just didn't press it very well and need to press those seams open rather than to the side I think!
I really enjoyed making this block and it looks beautiful whether you have it straight on or on point!