School has very nearly finished for the summer and that means time to say thank you to the teachers for all their hard work.

I made some simple and pretty See It All Pouches using Laura's tutorial:

The bottom two pouches in the picture above are gold sparkle PVC rather than the clear I usually use. It's a really great thickness, I bought it as an experiment (it's sold as tablecloth) but I absolutely love it. It's nice and sturdy but easy to work with and it feels smooth.

Click here for the gold, they also sell silver - for some reason it's more expensive though. FYI I bought the smallest amount and I have enough for loads of pouches!!

I got a nice set of Heyland & Whittle hand made, natural soaps so I could divide them up as little treats!

I individually wrapped the soaps and added cards the kids had made for each of their teachers, wrapped them all up and they were happily received this afternoon!

Today is tinged with sadness because it was the last day Lois and I were at home together alone, before the other kids finish school. We played outside in the glorious sunshine, then retreated inside for lunch and a chilled out afternoon with lots of cuddles.
It feels bittersweet - though I am so lucky and grateful for all the time I have had with each of my kids before they start school - it is the end of an era for me.

I'm plotting lots of fun activities with the kids over the next few weeks, we have a nice holiday to look forward to and it really feels like summer with the scorching heat today!! It's all lovely. 

I think I will have a big cry once they are in bed and then distract myself with some sewing therapy ;)

☑ This can be ticked off my fal list