Two kinds of crap. First when you say 'oh crap' because of something like this...

Why do I know I shouldn't sew when I'm tired or in a hurry or, even worse, both and yet do it anyway?!
I unpicked this clearly wrong appliqué and put it right even though I was tempted to leave it. The block would be too wrong for me if I didn't! (excuse the big crease, it had been folded up for a while)

The second is cardboard crap. My good old stand by for rainy / too hot / 'we're so bored' days. This time Lois was happy decorating an egg carton with stickers.
The kids also like using my fabric scrap bin (literally the ones I would throw away) to make lovely collages. I found some fabulous toddler glue at an art shop in Manchester and it's super easy to clean off tables, hands, and everywhere they would usually get glue!

The warm weather meant a trip to the park last weekend and Lois had such fun jumping about in this big puddle!

The good news is my sewjo has really kicked in again and I'm hurrying to get as many projects done as I can before it wanes!

And if you happen to live in the Manchester/Stockport/Cheshire area and would like to come on a fun patchwork class, I am teaching my Fast Flying Geese cushion at Patchfinders on Thursday 16th July. It includes how to do a covered zip back too! To book your place give the shop a call, details are here on the website :)

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