I made 4/8 finishes from quarter two but they were only small makes and I feel like I haven't finished a quilt in forever. I have more small makes to add this time round but I am really hoping to crack some bigger projects and actually finish some quilts (I feel like I've said that a lot this year *sigh*). So, despite the fact that the kids will be off school, I am being ambitious and hope you will all cheer me on in getting actual quilts finished this quarter!

The first four projects I need to finish are rolled over from last quarter...

1. The commissioned vintage quilt that I'm hand quilting, I'm making slow but steady progress:

2. Summer dresses for my girls, I cut all the pieces last year and now I'm worried they won't even fit and summer might be over already (!) but might as well give it a go:

3. Baby star quilt, I think I have one row to add and it's been sat in a crumpled state next to my sewing table for way too long!

4. A skirt for me, just because I couldn't resist this beautiful Japanese denim - I would like to prioritise some selfish sewing:

And the new projects that I've recently started or need to get done...

5. Another make just for me. I loved the drawstring tote I made using Svetlana's pattern so much I immediately bought supplies to make one for myself. It's such a perfect size, really handy for nipping to the shops or for carting home the kids crap models and art from school.

7. Teachers gifts for the end of term - which is next week so need to get on it. I'm planning on making some drawstring bags (I like using Jeni's tutorial) and to put inside I got some mugs for the kids to decorate, so that should be fun! I got this Pebeo Marker, which I've read works better than a Sharpie so we'll see:

8. Just today I saw a fabulous instagram tutorial for these cute tissue holders by Kelly - she kindly let me borrow her picture (thanks Kelly!) - check out her IG feed! I think these will be a nice little extra to pop in the bags for the teachers so I've picked out some fabric ready to sew.

Finally I'm making samples of patterns I've designed to teach at Patchfinders...

9. An English Paper Pieced mini quilt, which I started a few days ago:

10. A pencil quilt (no pictures of my messy quilt maths allowed but I will be using some solid fabrics!):

11. An embroidered needle case, this gives me a great reason to use my new Fat Quarter Shop Aurifloss Set:

I also have to whip up a few samples of free motion quilting patterns for a class, not sure I'm allowed to count that in the fal since they will probably stay as quilt sandwiches but it's more stuff I have to get done so I'm noting it here anyway (maybe a cheerleader can let me know if class samples like this count?!).

2015 FAL at On the Windy Side