To be perfectly honest I wasn't sure I was going to join in the Finish-Along this quarter but hey I really need to get some projects finished and I definitely need a cheering squad right now! Plus once I had a look around I realised how much I want to do. Some of these projects appeared on my lists last year so I really should get cracking. I would like to be more productive.

1. First up something new - isn't that always the way!! A little secret project that has a upcoming deadline, though as of now it's just this pile:

2. And another project, that will be revealed on 25th May as part of the Busy Girls Sews Tour:

3. A sad looking tea cosy that my Nanny asked me to remake (it's totally fallen apart on the inside), this needs fixing ASAP!

4. The commissioned vintage quilt that I'm hand quilting, I'm making slow but steady progress:

5. Summer dresses for my girls, I cut all the pieces last year and now I'm worried they won't even fit but might as well give it a go:

6. Baby star quilt, I think I have one row to add and it's been sat in a crumpled state next to my sewing table for too long!

7. A skirt for me, just because I couldn't resist this beautiful Japanese denim:

8. A basket using this tutorial, I thought it would make a cute make up holder, rather than the free travel bag I currently use - and really I never travel so it's sad that I use it everyday, I need something prettier!

So that's my lot. I'm hoping I can resist working on my green tea and sweet beans blocks enough to pull off these finishes but we'll see ;)

2015 FAL at On the Windy Side