I haven't done much this week, there's a bright shiny thing in the sky that keeps distracting me and making me want to be outside!! We don't usually get much sun here, not in April anyway, so we're making the most of it and hanging out in the garden.

A good place to work on my green tea and sweet beans blocks though and I managed a little bit more appliqué:

Today I had intended to finish up Catherine's row for Bee A Brit Stingy but that will have to get done tomorrow because today was taken up with playing, cooking and eating. I made some biscuits (cookies if you prefer) from oats, butter, wholewheat flour, almonds, honey, sugar and a linseed mix that had goji berries, pumpkin and sunflower seeds in it. Now I decided to go sugar free for April so I didn't have any but the kids loved them! The sugar free things is going well, I'm losing weight and only cheated a couple of times (may have involved my sister and a small glass of coke and my mum's birthday and a profiterole!!). We've mostly been enjoying lots of fruit - I'm only giving up processed sugar - and Lois happily had a plum.

I did finish one project, a tea cosy that I made for my Nan. We went to see her at the weekend so I wanted to give it her. She had given me an old one that had fallen apart inside but she liked the size of it so I used that as a template. As I picked it apart I realised it had been hand sewn. I wasn't about to do that and made this one by turning it through the lining.

I picked out this sweet floral and hand quilted around the bottom with some variegated Valdini pearl thread. Then I remembered my Nan's kitchen is all white and she actually likes a modern looking kitchen so it's a good job this was reversible because she likes the plainer dotty side :)  

 (excuse the creases. I only pressed the 'outside'!)

That's finish off my Q2 Finish-Along list and a happy Nanny with warm tea!

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