I have been so busy with the kids off school for the holidays that I failed to document any randomness this week. I did purchase this lovely scrap bundle from Karen Lewis Textiles when she was tempting me on IG.

And then I was suddenly inspired! Nicky recently suggested that some geometric fabric I bought would make a great quilt pattern and so I starting drawing it out and want to English Paper Piece it. I've been think about colours and how to use Karen's bundle, I have an idea of what I want to do but need to think some more and maybe try sketching it out to see if I like it. 

I don't usually spend time planning, I'm more likely to just start playing around with fabric and going with my gut. This one needs a bit of thought though and I'm having a hard time visualising it, so I would love to hear from those of you that plan; how to you decide what fabrics or colour schemes to use? Do you sketch it out, colour in your design or is there some other thing I should do?

p.s. this great paper I'm using is a free printable, you can get it here!

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