I took some fabric, turned it into hsts

and started making blocks

I usually don't get much sewing in during the day and surprised I could today... all the kids were home and have had the dreaded stomach bug again. They didn't have the energy for trouble making though and mostly sat watching TV, so I took advantage when I could ;)

There was some random hugging 

and reading, writing and drawing too. Here's what Joan gave me:

A lovely note and a story - which is about a silly pufferfish that hit herself in the face because she lost her book but she was sitting on it!! She is currently obsessed with pufferfish and really wants to go to Japan to see some :) She thinks they are beautiful and is constantly drawing pictures of them. I got her a book from the library with different sea life in it, surprisingly our local library didn't have a book dedicated to pufferfish?!?