I love finding perfect fabric, you know the prints you get super excited about?! The ones that just make you smile because you love them so or they are perfect for a particular project.

I squealed when I got this lot I ordered from the Fat Quarter Shop:

I adore those florals and if you're a fan of 1930's reproduction fabrics you should look at the whole line of Walk in the Park - there are some really cute prints! 
Dots are a tricky thing, I love them but they have to be 'right' for me. I like pin dots and medium dots and different variations but there is something about this Firefly print that is really special. I like the randomness and it's a perfect background or low volume print:

I also scored some nice fat quarters in the Fluffy Sheep Quilting sale this week - there are lots of great fabrics on sale (no discount code required) so check it out!

I have projects in mind that these are totally perfect for!

And then finally while I was working at Patchfinders I couldn't resist buying some of this clover and bee print. I have been totally drawn to it, I think it somehow reminds me of my childhood and I will be adding this to my green tea and sweet beans quilt fabric stash! Also it was £3 for 1/2 a metre so why not?! I also got some Best Press, I have never tried it but found my usual supermarket starch was leaving marks and flaking so hopefully this stuff is better.

Nature's Song by Punch Studio for Hoffman Fabrics.

I'm working on the Baby Carriage Flowers block from Green Tea and Sweet Beans. I realised I have sewn one of the background pieces back to front (that's what you get for late night sewing without decent light) but I couldn't face unpicking after hand sewing those curves so it will have to stay. Just have to add the corner pieces and this block will be done:

Today Joan and I made some mittens for her costume for the upcoming World Book Day and having taken a picture the little one wanted to have hers taken too!

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Congratulations Jenny! I have sent you an email :)

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