A fun finish this week, a shark pencil case for my son's friend using this tutorial.

It's not the most perfect sewing on my part but I enjoyed using a crazy stitch on my machine and hand stitching eyes - yeah I have no black buttons or white zips left, must add those to the shopping list! 

Yesterday was World Book Day and I let the kids chose characters from their favourite books. Joan chose a classic tale and wanted to be the gingerbread man - we made her mittens last weekend and I sewed some buttons on a hoodie. Bit of lip liner on the nose and cheeks and she was done (fyi the Chanel waterproof liner on her cheeks lasted ALL day so if you're in need of one I would recommend it!). Fred wanted to be a milk bottle, from his current obsession Fortunately, the Milk by Neil Gaiman. I appliquéd the obvious (but necessary) letters on his t-shirt and he wore a cheap glitter hat with a straw stapled on the side. They were both super happy and they each won a best dressed award in class - going up on stage in assembly! The school seem to appreciate hand made, make-do costumes. I am proud they were so confident in their choices and pleased my kids love reading as much as I do!

Children are such a blessing and the wonderful Jodi has invited us all to make hexie flowers for Rachel, whose new baby daughter Eleni is currently in NICU. It's a lovely idea to send her flowers stitched with love and, other than keeping her in my thoughts, it feels nice to be able to contribute something. If you would like to send flowers please read Jodi's post here.

at Quokka Quilts this week