I am concentrating more, doing what needs to be done to feel good and productive. Sticking to a cleaning routine (following Clean Mama's #clutterfree30) and generally trying to make my house feel like a nicer place to be. I think I am naturally optimistic but I do have to work hard at being positive and a clean, organised space really does make me feel so much better. Thankfulness is also something I am mindful of everyday and I decided I would like to have some inspiration to keep next to my bed. 

I live in a 1930s house and I like mixing up vintage and modern things when I can. So when I saw this free Thanksgiving printable with a sweet nest I decided to frame it and put it on the bedside table, after all that's a nice way to be all year round! I already had this Acrylic Photo Frame (I've had mine for at least 8/9 years I think, but they still sell them at Muji! I LOVE that shop) and I like how it looks. Pretty and simple.
- About to start reading these two books my lovely husband got me for Christmas, I had been hankering after The Woman I Wanted to Be and he was obviously paying attention :)  

It was a friend's birthday last week so I made a card using some washi tape (saw the idea somewhere but can't remember where!):

It's fun making easy cards like this and good to have them to hand. Not that I go to many parties but the kids seem to have at least one to go to every weekend!

I have a habit of being overly ambitious (not necessarily a bad thing) but with family, part-time work and general life stuff, I can't always do as much sewing as I would like! My FAL lists last year were unrealistic and I didn't even manage to link up with the last quarter, even though I think I did manage to finish a couple of things. So new year and a way more focused approach to everything. Listing all the things I'm working on tends to stress me out and there's no point listing three quilts I haven't even got basted and will probably be hand quilting because that's utter craziness (hopefully I can list them when it's time to quilt them and have a chance of getting them done)! 

Here is my simple list of what I would like to get done this quarter:

1. Baby quilt commission

2. Vintage Quilt commission - I didn't make it but I'm hand quilting it, which is a big job!

3. Le Challenge project - this has to be finished by 14th February. I'm excited to get started as I've never used fabric paint before (or not since I was a girl). I got this cream jersey fabric and the gold Dylon fabric paint from Minerva Crafts. This is going to be fun!

Le Challenge

Nat and I just announced the new theme over at the le challenge blog - so please head over there and follow us. We have a giveaway every month for one person that links up and this month's theme is easy peasy!

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