Sometimes you just need a quick make, a satisfying little bit of sewing that takes hardly any time from start to finish. I was in need of such fulfilment this week and chose to make these cute little baskets using Ayumi's Organizer Basket Tutorial

It just so happens that they each fit six spools of Aurifil thread perfectly!

My tidying / decluttering / cleaning kick continues and I'm pleased to say my house is looking all the better for it! I still have a lot to do and am working my way round the house bit by bit. Each room is making me happy as it gets sorted out. Cute storage baskets that serve a purpose help too! I expect I will be making more and filling drawers with quilty goodness.

I taught a flying geese cushion class today and had such a lovely group! They were very productive and created gorgeous designs. I love seeing the mix of fabrics and everyone being creative with their layouts:

This week we enjoyed a little snow (which is already melting), the baby girl couldn't stop saying 'SNOW!' but my eldest girl was ill and grumpy :(

Wishing you all a productive and sewing filled weekend!

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