checking it twice, and then again because I've still got lots to do... nothing is even wrapped yet!! Thursday is usually my day of random but this post is a little all over the place so today will be random too! I have been spending a lot of time just thinking, possibly the upcoming new year is making me reassess and prioritise. I'm questioning myself a lot and trying to get more in touch with what makes me happy and the direction I would like to go with my sewing. Anyway I will share my thoughts with you when I'm ready. For now here's what I've been up to...

First up I chose this Herringbone block for my turn as queen in the Simply Solids Amaranth group. I picked it after making one in prints for Erin in the Bee A Brit Stingy bee. I followed her lead and am asking my bee not to sew them together. That way I can decide on the final layout. I will be making this quilt for charity. I'm hoping for lots of bright colours!

I finished up my step mum's present, this pretty yoga bag. I used Amy Butler's brilliant free pattern.

It was simple to follow and cleverly by near total fluke the fabric on the pockets lined up perfectly:

I also managed to finish a superhero cape for my friend's son. I love these, my kids still enjoy the ones I made them. It's easy to personalise and though I have used the free pattern, the full PDF makes things easier and there's lots of great applique symbols. You can buy the pattern here at Georgia Leigh's Etsy shop, ages 2-7 or 8-11.

I've finished sewing all the rows on my star flower quilt, just need to sew them together and do the borders. Definitely planning on hand quilting this, it's just so pretty!

I'm hoping to get the family jumper reindeer appliques done, I've had a little helper do some tracing for me!

Randomly I was looking at my sister's wedding pictures from this summer and I don't think I ever shared pics of me in the dress I love most in the world (other than my wedding dress). I can't make the pics larger because I become pixelated but hopefully you can see how pretty it is. So retro. It has lovely bling on the cuffs and my sister got me and her bridesmaid a gorgeous brooch that just finished it off perfectly.

And here's the weirdest shot, it's like I have an earpiece or something?!

I also wanted to show you the most beautiful picture of my youngest daughter that was taken by my husband... so adorable

Finally I am hoping that santa will stop spamming blogs since he has a job to do!

Happy Holidays and Season's Greetings to you all!